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Click 'Add Slice' to add more rows

Pie label

The tool opens to show a pie chart with 4 equal slices. You can alter the names and value of these by editing the entries in the data table. At the bottom of the data table is an ‘Add slice’ button for adding a further slice - you can then change its title and value as appropriate. A chart can have up to 12 slices. Clicking the ‘Show %’ button shows the slice values as percentages (click again to hide this). The percentages cannot be edited, but will update automatically if you alter the value of any slice.

The ‘Clear all data’ button deletes all the entries in the data table. There are also ‘Show chart’ and ‘Show data table’ buttons which you can click on and off to hide the chart or the data (without deleting them).

Clicking ‘Set up’ opens a menu in which you can change how the chart itself is labelled.

Clicking ‘Reset’ returns everything to the default settings: you will lose any data you entered, and any changes to the labels of your chart.


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