Custom number settings

Card colour:

The tool opens to show an empty work area onto which you can drag the cards from the stack in the bottom left corner.

Any unwanted cards can be dragged into the bin. Or click ‘Clear all cards’ to delete them all.

You can flip any individual card over (to hide/show its value) by clicking on the arrow on the bottom right of the card. You can flip all the cards by clicking the ‘Hide all values’ and ‘Show all values’ buttons.

By default, there is a stack of 20 blue cards labelled 1,2,3,4,5,....20. Once you have dragged a card onto the work area, you can over-type its value with something else.

If you need more than 20 cards, or if you want to change the colour or the sequence of numbers on the cards, you can click ‘Set up’ to open a menu to do this. You can also set whether cards start with the value hidden or shown.

Changes made in ‘Set up’ do not affect any cards already in the work area. So you can, for example: drag cards 1,2,3..10 onto the work area, change to orange cards showing Roman numerals, drag I, II, III, IV...X onto the work area, and then ask the children to match the pairs of cards bearing the same number.

Clicking ‘Reset returns the tool to the default state - undoing any changes you have made in Set-up and deleting all the cards in the work area.

Clicking Reset undoes all changes you have made, returning the tool to its default state.


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Clicking Reset means that any changes you have made will be lost. Is that OK?

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